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A few days ago, Transformers 7 was released, and this time the heroine in it caused heated discussions. Her jet-black curly hair gives her a personality and is very eye-catching. This hairstyle is also prevail.

What do you think of the heroine of Transformers 7

Ordinary but brave

Even though she is a clerk in the museum, she has professional knowledge but is not appreciated by her superiors. 

An ordinary person who saw the situation of the autobot tried to suppress the  fear in her heart, and saved the two worlds together with the Autobot.

Full of wisdom

It was she who discovered half of the keys, and it was she who helped the Autobots and the Giant Legion prevent the fate of the universe from swallowing the  earth through her professional knowledge.

cool curly bob Hairstyle

Different from the beautiful appearance of previous heroines, her curly hair fits  her character image very well, showing her confident and brave character.

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