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How Long Does A Wig Install Last

How Long Does A Wig Install Last
In order to achieve a natural appearance in the end, more and more people prefer to select lace wigs. The lace wigs need to be installed with glue or tape and the front lace must be trimmed to blend to the natural forehead hairline. You will spend a lot of time on the installing and removing. The labor-intensive and time-consuming installation and removal add difficulty to daily wear, so the majority of wearers want the installation to be as long as possible. “How long does a wig install last?”, is a matter that concerns a lot. In this article, we will explain to you.

How long does wig installation last?

How long does wig installation last

Under normal conditions, wig installations with glue or adhesive can last about 1 to 6 weeks. For different individuals in diverse situations, the longevity of the wig installation changes accordingly. During the wearing in daily life, there are large numbers of factors that affect the installation longevity, if you pay more attention to these, you can prolong the longevity.

What affects the installation?

1. The installation method

Installation methods can be broadly divided into two kinds, the glue method and the glueless method. The glue method needs to use tape, glue or adhesive to stick the trimmed lace to your forehead to blend with the skin. While, the glueless method usually secures the wig on your head through the adjustable elastic band, movable combs or clips inside the wig foundation. Compared with the glueless method, the glue method installation will be more secure and will last much longer.

2. The installation technique

For some new wig wearers, their installation techniques are not proper and proficient, the unproper installation will affect the longevity. For experienced wearers who master proper and proficient installation techniques, their wig installation will last longer.

3. Individual constitution

If your scalp is very sensitive, you must shorten the longevity of installation, because the scalp is sensitive to the tape, glue or adhesive that easily gets red, gets an itch or has a rash during long-term wearing. If you sweat a lot or have hyperhidrosis, then you are not suitable for long-term wearing wigs. Your sweating will affect the tape or glue and loosen the installation, meanwhile, too much sweating will produce a bad smell, and the scalp will get an itch and become dirty.

4. The glue or adhesive

The glue or adhesive
There is a large tremendous of glue or adhesive products in the market, they have different features, some last longer and some last shorter. So, which glue or adhesive you choose makes all the difference. If your scalp is very sensitive, the glue or adhesive with a skin-friendly formula is the only choice that will greatly reduce the risk of allergies. If you have hyperhidrosis or do sports regularly, you’d better choose the glue or adhesive with a strong, waterproof hold. The strong glue or adhesive will help a wig install last longer, the stronger, the longer. An important thing to know is that before you install a wig you should ensure your scalp is clean and free of oils to make sure firm installation.

5. Water exposure

In the longevity of the installation, you will wash your wig when it is dirty to make your wig in good condition. If you wash the wig too frequently, the glue or adhesive will be loosened. Reducing the frequency of washing your hair can prolong the time of wearing. Excessive sweating and long-term exposure to water also affect your installation, you can try to avoid these situations as possible as you can.

6. The friction of the bedding

The low-friction bedding will prevent the wig be tangled and reduce the drawing force during your sleep. You can use silk bedding to avoid too much friction.

7. Gently and carefully comb your wig

When you detangle your wig during the wearing, you’d better press the top of your head and then comb or brush the hair gently and carefully. Doing so can reduce the tension on the lace to avoid slipping from your head prematurely.

The installation of the wear and go glueless wig

The installation of the wear and go glueless wig

For some wearers who have very sensitive scalp, their scalp can’t be applied with glue or adhesive, the wig install without glue or adhesive is the only option for them. The wear and go glueless wig is ideal for them, it can be tightly installed with no glue. The adjustable elastic band, movable combs or clips in the wig cap are enough for firmly wearing. You can easily wear and take off in a few seconds, “How long does the wig install last?” doesn’t matter much.
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