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How to do a ponytail with 3 braids in hot summer?

How to do a ponytail with 3 braids in hot summer?

1.Straighten your all hair first 

2.Make apart from ear to ear because you need to work with the back section first 

3.Next you need to take the back portion and put it up into a ponytail

4.Parting the front portion of your hair in three sections, so to make sure that your part is even, you need start off by doing a middle part and then section the middle portion first and then you could automatically have the two sides out. Once the part is how you want it to be, you are just going to clip away the middle because you will do that part last.

5.Next please work on the sides, if you are leaving now any edges or sideburns you want to make sure you just brush them out the way, that way you don't apply the gel onto you are just gelling the sides down. And you are going to catch that part into a ponytail and then you are going to do the middle portion and slick it back. once you have slicked the middle portion back you are just going to take a hair band and put everything together into one ponytail so this is how it's looking. I kind of just put my nail in the part because for this style you want to kind of make sure that the part is defined.

Nnd then I went ahead and I put the wrap it up strips on my head I used three strips on my head so I did one at the back one at the middle and one right at the top so once that's done I went in with some expressions braiding here so I took a small piece out the first bundle because three come in a pack and I took one end and tied it down to my ponytail and once it was tied onto my ponytail I just flipped over the end that you see hanging at the front of my head and once it's all together I just take a small piece and I used this to wrap around my ponytail
so that's exactly what you see me doing now and I did go in with my God
to be free spray and sprayed it a bit and continued wrapping it around
so once I finish the wrap I'm just going to split the ponytail into 3 pieces because I'll be doing 3 separate baits braids so I just want to make sure the hair is even
so I'm going to put the two sections away and work with the first section
for the first braid so I'm going to start off by braiding it and then I'm going to start feeding in the expression braiding hair and I'm feeding in small pieces as I go
if I did have a longer length in the expressions braiding here then I wouldn't have to feed in so many pieces but because I believe this was a 40 inch I had to feed in quite a few pieces for my braids to be long so once I finish braiding out the ends this is how it's looking we have like 3 jumbo braids in the one ponytail

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