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How To Dye A Synthetic Hair Wig

How To Dye A Synthetic Hair Wig

You may want to dye the synthetic hair wig to bring it a new look if you don’t like your old synthetic hair wig anymore, which has been unused for a long period. Or you have a special occasion that needs a particular color wig to attend, which can’t be found on the wig market. Perhaps you will get the idea of dyeing a synthetic hair wig on your own if you can't afford a customized wig. Therefore, it is inevitable that you have to figure out how to dye a synthetic hair wig.

If the wig is a human hair wig, the dyeing effect will come out to be more natural. If the wig is a synthetic hair wig, it is not recommended for secondary dyeing, which will damage the wig and reduce its lifespan, and the dyeing effect will not be as good as the human hair wig. Even though there are many disadvantages to the dyeing of the synthetic hair wig, you can actually dye it. It is of great significance to use the synthetic fiber dye. because the synthetic hair wig is made from man-made fibers such as polyester, acrylic, polyvinyl etc. The synthetic hair lacks the natural pigment of human hair, which the regular hair dye will not work on it. You can refer to the following guide to dye your synthetic hair wig.
1.Get your synthetic hair wig ready.

Get your synthetic hair wig ready

It’s important to note that the synthetic hair wig you are going to dye must be a heat-resistant wig. If the wig you want to dye is your old synthetic hair wig, please wash it clean before you begin the dying operation, which helps to achieve a uniform color result. It should be noted that the color you want to dye must be darker than your old wig because the synthetic hair wig can't be bleached like the human hair wig. In case you want to dye a lighter color, you'd better purchase a light color synthetic hair wig, such as the 613 blonde wig, white wig, or silver wig. These color wigs are light enough and easy to dye.
2.Take protective measures.

Collect some old newspapers or buy some disposable tablecloths to lay over your workplace. During the dyeing process, wear your old clothes or a disposable raincoat to avoid getting dye on your body. Just throw them away after dyeing the synthetic wig. It is very convenient that you don’t need to deal with the mess of wig dyeing.

If your synthetic hair wig is a lace front wig you must process the lace part in advance in order to avoid getting stained. You can spray-paint the lace with the freeze spray two or three times until it is totally covered. Then blow-dry the lace.

3.Get the synthetic fiber dye ready.

Get the synthetic fiber dye ready

Read the dye instructions carefully first. Prepare an old pot that big enough to put the whole synthetic hair wig in and have some spare room. Fill the pot with adequate water to submerge the wig then boil the water. Pour the synthetic fiber dye into the water according to the proportion specified in the instructions when the water starts to simmer. Stir until the dye and boiling water are evenly mixed. Keep the temperature at a low simmer during the process of the dyeing.
4.Dye your synthetic hair wig.

Dye your synthetic hair wig

Wet the wig first to get it easily dyed. Submerge the synthetic hair completely in the dye water. Swirl it around the pot slowly and continuously, which helps to ensure an even color with no splotches. Soak the hair for enough time to ensure adequate staining according to the synthetic fiber dye instructions. If you are still not sure about what dyeing result you will get, you can test a few strands of hair beforehand.
5.Rinse and dry your synthetic hair wig.

Rinse and dry your synthetic hair wig

The synthetic hair will look darker when wet while will look lighter when dry, so you’d better keep an eye on it for the duration of your dyeing to get the ideal result. When the desired color is achieved, get the wig out of the dye water. Gently squeeze out excess dye water. Better rinse the synthetic hair wig in warm water and then gradually cool water until the rinse water is completely clear. Wash it with the shampoo, which is specially designed for synthetic hair wigs. Use an old towel to remove the excess water. In the end, set the wig outside to dry or blow-dry it.

When the synthetic hair wig is totally dry, gently comb the wig with a wide-tooth comb until there are no tangles. Install the wig on your head then style the wig according to your needs, and you will get the desired appearance. Hope this guide will offer you some help to avoid making mistakes during the dyeing process.

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