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How To Make A Wig

How To Make A Wig
Are you curious about how to make a wig? Have you ever thought about making a wig yourself? If you are attempting to make a wig, you can refer to the following.

How Wigs Are Made In The Factory

How Wigs Are Made In The Factory

Wig materials

Basically, most wigs on the market are made of human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibers. The human hair is the most expensive and the best quality material which offers a natural look. Before making wigs, the workers need to get the collected hair disinfected into the disinfection, then put in different colors of dyes to soak to get what colors are needed.

Machine-made wigs

The Machine-made wig is a type of wig that uses the sewing machine to sew human hair or synthetic hair on the wig cap along the tracks. Generally, these wigs come with a double weft to prevent shedding. The machine-made wig is mass-produced by machines, the cost is very low.

Lace frontal wigs

For the lace part, the worker needs a hair knitting needle with a little hook to knot a strand of hair on the lace. Depending on the density the wig requires, the worker decides how many knots to finish. Workers will weave the hair according to the hair trend in different hair areas or use different hair hook methods to make the wig more realistic. The other parts on the wig cap of the lace front wig are machine-made. In order to give a natural scalp vibe, the hair knots need to be bleached. The pre-bleached invisible knot helps to show a realistic appearance. Compared with machine-made wigs, it takes more time to process lace frontal wigs.

How to make a wig at home

How to make a wig at home

In order to get a suitable wig that perfectly matches the head, many black women opt to get a customized wig from a professional hair salon or a professional who makes wigs. Since customized wigs are more expensive than ready-made wigs, if you are not able to afford customized service, you can attempt to make a wig at home all by yourself.

1.To take measurements

You can use a tape measure to measure along the base of your hairline at the neck to the top of the forehead hairline. And the tape measure should just be stuck above the ears. Then measure the size from the center of the top of the head to the center of the forehead hairline and the center of the nape hairline. Last you need to take measurements of the distance between two ears through the center of the head.

2.Preparations of tools and hair

Before you make a wig you need a pair of scissors, a white marker, a curved tip needle, threads, t pins etc. To make a wig you need a wig cap, if you are a beginner I recommend the mesh dome cap. You also need a mannequin head I do recommend a canvas mannequin head because it just makes it easier to make a wig. You can get all these things at very low prices on online shopping platforms, just select them according to the size of your measurements.
According to your measurements and what hair style you want, you can purchase several hair bundles along with hair closure or hair frontal. You can choose synthetic hair if human hair is over your budget. Certainly, human hair is ideal if you can afford it. Human hair looks more realistic and will last for a long time and it can be styled during the heat process.

3. Processes of making

Place the mesh dome cap on the mannequin head and make sure it is centered. You can use two t pins to pin down the nape of the cap to mimic your nape hairline.
The mannequin head needs to be fixed on a table or somewhere convenient for you.
Then you can start the foundation of your wig. Centering your frontal or closure on top of the mannequin head on the top of the dome cap and pinning it down. Make sure that the front of the frontal or the closure is about 1/4 of an inch in front of the cap. The end of the closure or frontal should be pinned right at the end of the cap.
Use the white marker to trace the outline of your closure or your frontal onto the cap. Next, you need to draw the foundation for laying your webs, draw the line straight across. If you are trying to fit four or five bundles you want the lines way closer together. If you are doing two or three bundles you want the lines further apart.
Finally, you need to line the weft up with the lines on the dome cap and then sew the weft of the bundle onto the cap. When you finish all the bundles you require, you can cut the extra end of the bundle. If there is a sewing machine in your home you can use it to sew the wefts of the bundles onto the cap.
Now you know how to make a wig. Compared with the ready-made wig, it is more difficult for you to make a wig. Hope this article will provide help to you during the process of making a wig.

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