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Wearing Lightweight Wigs For Summer

Wearing Lightweight Wigs For Summer
In hot summer, even wearing light clothes is still unbearable, let alone a heavy wig. So for those who wear wigs in the summer, lightweight wigs for summer are their urgent needs. Wearing summer lightweight wigs, in your beautiful summer dresses, match them with makeup, accessories and bags, and you will be stunning. Here we will recommend some lightweight summer wigs for you.

Why do you wear lightweight wigs for summer?

Why do you wear lightweight wigs for summer

The weather is hot in summer, and wearing wigs not suitable for summer can easily lead to scalp discomfort, such as blazing hot, sweating a lot, itch. What is more, too long, too tight and too hot wearing will affect normal breathing, blood circulation, sweating and oil secretion of the scalp. Excessive sweating, scalp oil accumulation and hot and a stuffy environment can let follicle bacteria multiply and folliculitis may occur, also hair growth may be inhibited to hair loss. Particularly heavy, unbreathable wigs can also increase the risk of heat stroke.

How to choose lightweight wigs for summer?

How to choose lightweight wigs for summer

If you don’t mind synthetic wigs are not as natural as human hair wigs, you can choose them because synthetic hair is much lighter than natural human hair. If you are very concerned about the realistic appearance that your wigs must be 100% human hair wigs. You’d better choose short wigs or wigs with light or medium density. The shorter and less dense the wig, the lighter the wig. HD lace wigs are ultrathin, light and soft, lace materials give wigs breathability and ventilation.

Top 3 lightweight wigs for summer from Wavymy Hair

Wavymy wear and go glueless human hair natural black body wave bob wigs

body wave bob lightweight wigs for summer

These wigs are natural black 4×6 lace closure wigs, with lengths range 8 inches to 16 inches. Wear and go glueless wigs can be installed without tape or glue, you don’t have to worry that you sweat too much to loosen the tape or glue. The pre cut 4×6 HD lace is big enough for several types of hair parting, middle part, right part, left part etc. The wig base is made of breathable material and HD lace will make the wig comfortable to wear in summer. These body wave bob wigs are great lightweight summer wigs. The short wig length reduces the weight of the wig, together with the natural black color and body wave texture will help you shape a mysterious, gentle and elegant image.
Wavymy wear and go glueless human hair 613 blonde straight bob wigs

613 blonde bob lightweight wigs for summer

These color wigs are traditional 4×6 lace closure wigs with 150% hair density, lengths range 8 inches to 14 inches. 613 blonde hair color for hair quality requirements are relatively high, such as fine and soft hair, dry and forficate hair that after repeated bleaching and dying is not recommended to dye this hair color. Because it will not only enlarge the degree of hair damage but also may aggravate the damage to the hair. Our 613 blonde straight bob wigs can easily make you get this color hair without hurting your natural hair. For black women, the 613 blonde bob wig is a bold choice with personality. Extremely light hair color and dark skin form a strong contrast, giving others a strong visual impact that could highlight your facial features and make them more three-dimensional. The 613 blonde straight bob wigs are excellent lightweight wigs for summer, the special color gives a visually refreshing feeling, and the short hairstyle makes the wig light and comfortable to wear.
Wavymy human hair natural black 360 lace straight wigs

360 lace straight lightweight wigs for summer

The density is 130%, and lengths range from 8 inches to 30 inches. The 360 lace wig has all the advantages the lace front wig has, the lace goes around the entire perimeter of the wig. The huge lace along the wig edges makes the wig a very breathable and summer lightweight wig. This wig design is ideal for various ponytails and updos. The ponytails and updos are very cool hairstyles in summer. Here we will recommend several ponytail and updo hairstyles.
Fishtail ponytail
It is a Bohemian hairstyle and easy to achieve, a wonderful alternative choice for the girl who wants a braided ponytail different from the traditionally braided ponytail.
Messy updo
It can be dressed up with pretty flowers or beautiful hair accessories. It’s a type of classic wedding hairstyle, but also a simple hairstyle suitable for everyday life.
Rose-shaped braided updo
It is a soft and romantic updo hairstyle, tie all hair in a ponytail, make a loose braid, then wrap it into a bun and pull at the parts of the braid to make them look like petals, and finally secure it with bobby pins.

Anyway, there are many lightweight wigs for summer in Wavymy Hair, but I will not go into details here. If you want to know more about lightweight summer wigs, you can check our website.

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