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What Are Layered Wigs

What Are Layered Wigs
The hairstyle is a very important element of your image, which is so intuitive to present to others. Your hairstyle is a way to show your personality and style that plays a significant role in your overall image. Only a suitable hairstyle can enhance your beauty, otherwise, even if the hairstyle is beautiful, it will not help. As the layer cut hairstyle becomes more and more popular, many women want to try it. And the layered wigs will be excellent options for those who don’t want to cut their long hair. “what are layered wigs and whether a layered wig suits you or not?” These may puzzle you a lot. Then, we will solve the mystery together.

What is the layer cut hairstyle and what is a layered wig?

What is the layer cut hairstyle and what is a layered wig

The layer cut hairstyle is a hairstyle which your hairstylist cuts your hair in varying lengths. The hair starts at the bottom layer and gradually shortens up to the upper layers until it reaches the desired layer area. The hair is cut into gradually varied layers, the long layers give the vision of length and the short layers for volume.
The layered wig means that the wig is provided with a layer cut hairstyle and you can just wear it to get a layered look.

Pros of layered wigs

1.Face framing

Framing your face is one of the most important factors in determining your hairstyle, and hairstyle can frame the face due to its variability. Therefore, we can wear layered wigs to coordinate with face shape to make up for the defects of your face shape. The layered wig can cover and soften the sharp face contour that frames your face to accentuate facial features.

2.Add hair volume and texture

Layers could add volume and texture to your hair. The length of the hair is different from each layer, and it will appear to be thicker and fuller visually. In addition, the outer layer of hair is shorter to be naturally lighter, and it is easier to have a fluffy feeling without the pressure of sagging long hair. If your hair is thin and soft, a layered wig will be certainly worth trying. It definitely helps to remove the tendency of hair to form a triangle shape on your head.

3.Free-flowing moving

Different layers of hair lengths allow the wig hair to move more freely and naturally as your body moves. The layered wigs help you to create a more lively and dynamic appearance.

4.Reduce hair weight

The layer cut hairstyle could remove extra weight from thick or heavy hair to make your hair more flowing and lighter. This makes it easier for you to manage your layered wig.

Cons of layered wigs

1.Styling constraints:

Wig layers of varying lengths create limitations to hair styling. The layered wig greatly reduces your styling options. Layered wigs, especially those with very high or specific layers will limit your styling ability to a large extent.

2.Occasion restriction

The formal or professional settings usually require a more structured or conservative hairstyle, while layered wigs are not suitable for these special occasions. The layered wig can’t be styled into such a hairstyle to match the dress code. This can limit your hairstyle options for such occasions.

Hottest Wavymy Human Hair layered wigs

If you want to refresh your hairstyle to a layered hairstyle but don’t want to frequently go to the salon to trim hair to keep layered hair. The layered wigs will be great options that can keep the hair layers unchanged. Here we will recommend several hottest Wavymy Hair layered human hair wigs for you.

Wavymy layered cut light chestnut brown 4×6 lace straight wear and go wigs

Wavymy layered cut light chestnut brown 4×6 lace straight wear and go wigs


These layered human hair wigs are wear and go glueless wigs which are very comfortable and effortless to wear with 0 skill. If you never worn a wig before and want to try it, this will be your first choice. The light chestnut hair color would complement a wide range of skin tones which is a very hot and popular hair color. The light hair color and the layered hair will add volume and texture to your look.

Wavymy layered cut black 4×6 lace straight wear and go glueless wigs

Wavymy layered cut black 4×6 lace straight wear and go glueless wigs


The layered cut wear and go glueless wig provides a pre cut 4×6 lace, pre bleached tiny knots, pre plucked natural hairline that everything prepared to give a more natural and realistic appearance. The black hair color is classic and fashionable and never goes out of fate. The dark hair color with the layered hair easily gives you a free-flowing look.

Wavymy layer cut black straight 13×4 lace wear and go wigs

Wavymy layer cut black straight 13×4 lace wear and go wigs


This traditional lace front layered wig comes with a large 13×4 lace will give the ability to free parting and styling versatility. You can part almost everywhere without worrying that your look is fake and unnatural. The wig length ranges from 16 inch to 24 inch. If you want long layered wigs to support more styling options, you can select these wigs without hesitation.

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