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When Will You Wear Wigs

When Will You Wear Wigs
At present, more and more people wear wigs and you can easily see people wearing wigs or hear about topics that are related to wigs around you. You can notice that even on TV or the internet there are a lot of wig contents. This article will tell you when will a person wear wigs and on which kind of occasion need to wear wigs.

When do people start to wear wigs?

when do people start to wear wigs

Wigs originate from ancient Egypt. According to research, the upper class of ancient Egypt has the custom of wearing wigs as early as 4,000 years ago. The wig is a symbol of power and wigs have been found on the heads of Egyptian mummies. Ancient Egyptians wore wigs to keep their hair clean and avoid lice, meanwhile, the wigs enhanced their beauty.
It is amazing that they mastered the technology of hair extension and dyeing early, and it was widely used in society. Whereafter, the emphasis placed on appearance and hair by the ancient Greeks and Romans further promoted the popularity of wigs in Europe.
Especially in some cultural and social groups throughout European history, the use of wigs became an important tool to beautify the appearance and a symbol of social status. In the Middle Ages, the use of wigs became more widespread, not only for nobles and royal family members but also penetrated into the lives of commoners. By the late 14th century, the production and use of wigs reached its peak and became an indispensable part of the life of European nobility and royalty.

You may need to wear wigs in these cases.

you may need to wear wigs in these cases

When you want to try diverse hairstyles.
It will take you several hours to finish a hairstyle in a hair salon and the finished hairstyle may be far away from your ideal hairstyle. You may have a bad experience and waste a lot of time and money. Even the best hair products used in the salon can cause harm to your hair and scalp, especially if you change your hairstyles frequently. Women who love beauty often change their hair styles frequently, which causes dry hair and hair furcation, and more seriously, it can lead to hair loss. So as to protect their hair and scalp, many women prefer wearing wigs instead of changing hair styles in a salon.
There is a vast amount of wigs on the hair market, human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs come with different lengths, colors and textures for you to select. Compared with traditional wigs, wear go glueless wigs are friendlier to you if you want to try a wig for the first time. The m-cap 9x6 wig is a type of wear go glueless wigs that is popular among customers, which we can super easily install without using glue or adhesive. In only a few seconds we can wear and go out, which is much more convenient than the traditional wig.
After a head surgery.
You should know that when you do a head surgery, the surgeon needs to shave all the hair of the area where you need the operation. This procedure provides safety for the operation that there is no sight blocking and will avoid infection during or after the operation. The shaved hair will take a long time to grow long, before the hair grows long enough you need to wear a wig if you really mind your look. It is important to note that you should not rush to wear a wig after the surgery, it may cause infection of the wound. You can only wear wigs when your wound is completely healed. If you really don't know when the wound is healed enough to wear a wig, you can make a call to your surgeon to inquire about, which is the safest course of action.
When you are suffering hair thinning or hair loss.

It is well known that most cancer treatments require chemotherapy and the chemotherapy will definitely lead to hair loss. The cancer patient has to sustain not only the tremendous pain of the tumor but also the hair loss caused by the side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells, at the meantime, the normal cells in the body are also destroyed, when the hair follicle cells of the scalp are destroyed, you will be faced with hair loss. Particularly for women who pay special attention to their appearance, this is extremely awkward for them to deal with. Wigs provide them an excellent option to get them out of this kind of plight. No matter the hair thinning or hair loss is caused by genetic inheritance, diseases or natural aging, it can be solved by wearing a wig.

When to wear wigs is entirely up to your own condition and your will. As long as wearing wigs can satisfy your needs, whether it is the physical need or the psychological need, you can tend to wear wigs.  

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