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Wig Length Chart: Choose Your Ideal Wig Length

Wig Length Chart: Choose Your Ideal Wig Length
When you choose a wig, you have to consider the length, texture, color, density and material and the wig length is an important factor affecting the hairstyle of the wig that can’t be ignored. The wig length chart will be extremely helpful for you in choosing an ideal wig which wig length suits you best. Here we will talk about what is wig length chart and how to use the wig length chart to choose a suitable wig.

Understand wig length chart

The hair length chart is a visual hair length guide that shows the hair falls to which position of your body. Hair length charts usually use terms like chin length, shoulder length or waist length to provide standard terminology for different hair lengths.

The wig length chart is a wig hair length guide that shows how long the wig hair falls when you wear the wig. The wavy and curly wig length will look shorter than the straight wig and the more wavy or curly, the shorter the wig length will be in the vision. The wig chart is prescriptive to be marked in inches, such as 18 inch wig, 20 inch wig or 16 inch wig.

Categories of wig lengths

Generally, the wig lengths are classified into four categories: short length wig, medium length wig, long length wig and extra-long length wig.
  • Short length wig: The short wig length is from a few inches up to 10 inches long.
  • Medium length wig: The medium length wig length is 12 inches to 16 inches.
  • Long length wig: The long length wig length ranges from 18 inches to 24 inches.
  • Extra-long length wig: The extra-long wig length is 26 inches or longer.

Each wig length in details 

Wigs of every length in the wig length

8 inch wig

8 inch wig is ideal for the short straight bob hairstyle, the wig hair falls to your chin. The wig can leak your neck out to show your beautiful neck curve, if you want to keep cool in summer you can choose this wig length.

10 inch wig

10 inch wig is an excellent option for women who like short hairstyle wigs such as blunt cut straight bob wigs. The blunt cut straight wig of the wig length is a little longer than 8 inch wig and the hair falls past your chins and above your collarbones.

12 inch wig

12 inch is the perfect wig length for a long straight bob wig, the wig hair falls your collarbones. Other hairstyles such as curly bob wigs or wavy bob wigs are simple and stylish and will look fluffier and shorter than straight bob wigs.

14 inch wig

14 inch is a medium wig length that offers more versatility for hairstyles such as body wavy bob wig, kinky curly bob wig or water wave bob wig with bang etc. 14 inch straight wig falls a few inches past your collarbones which wig length is considered upper back length.

16 inch wig

When it comes to 16 inch wig, the wig length is long enough for almost all hairstyles. The wig hair falls to your chest when straight and upper your chest when waved or curled.

18 inch wig

18 inch wig is considered a long length wig that is popular among women. This wig length offers a variety of styling option that allows you to make waves, curls, updos etc. The wig hair falls past your shoulder blades, in the middle of your back.

20-22 inch wig

Like 18 inch wig, the 20 inch wig and 22 inch wig are popular wig lengths. The wig lengths fall to your mid back when wigs are straight looks, if you want flowing straight hair, 20 inch and 22 inch wig lengths are long enough to achieve.

24-26 inch wig

24 inch wig and 26 inch wig will fall to your lower back when straight. The wig lengths support unlimited hairstyles, no matter curls, braids, updos or ponytails, you can create any charming hairstyle you like.

28-30 inch wig

28 inch and 30 inch are popular wig lengths for the buss down hairstyle. The 28 inch bussdown wig and 30 inch bussdown wig with the middle part falling to your waist create a straight, symmetrical and flowing look to show your glamour.

32 inch wig and above

30 inch and above are extra-long wig lengths, when you wear straight wigs in these wig lengths, the hair will fall past your waist. These wig lengths increase the difficulty of hair care and maintenance. You should be careful during your wearing because you may sit on your wig hair to pull the wig. These extra-long wig lengths are suitable for some occasions for special long hairstyles.

Wig lengths of different hair textures

Straight wig length chart

Due to the straight hair texture, the wig length of the straight wig is as true as the visual wig length. You can select a straight wig by referring directly to the wig length provided by the wig supplier.

Wave wig length chart

The wig lengths of wavy wigs look shorter than straight wigs. The deep wave wig is shorter than the body wave wig for the wig length depends on the style of the waves.

Curly wig length chart

The wig length of the curly wig is shorter than the wavy wig and much shorter than the straight wig in the vision, if you want to choose a curly wig, you should pay attention to that.

The most popular hair length of wigs among women

According to sales figures, the most popular hair lengths of wigs are 18-28 inch wig length. The wig lengths are not too short and not too long which is enough for numerous hairstyles.

Choose the ideal hair length for your wig

The hair texture: The hair texture determines the visual hair length of the wig. This needs special attention when you choose wavy wigs and curly wigs, otherwise, you will get a much shorter wig than expected.

Your face shape: The purpose of wearing wigs is to be more beautiful and your face is a key factor that influences the wig choice. If the wig doesn’t suit your face shape, your beauty will be greatly diminished. If you have a short face, the short hair length wig is more suitable. For the long face, the long hair length wig will make your face shorter in the vision.

Your height: The same wig will fall to different positions when different individuals wear it, so height is a determinant in choosing the hair length of the wig. The hair length of your wig should match your height to get a balanced look. If you are petite, very long hair length wigs are not suitable for you which make you shorter than you should be. If you are taller than average people, when you wear long hair length wigs or extra-long hair length wigs, you will look shorter than you should be.

The hairstyles: Before you choose the hair length of your wig, you should consider the hairstyles you want to do for some occasions you would attend and in your daily life. If you want various braids, updos or ponytails, you must choose the long hair length wig.

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