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High Density Wigs
What are high density wigs?

High density wigs come with large amounts of hair sewn into the wig foundation or wig cap. The higher the density, the more hair the wig will have. The wig density is expressed as a percentage, such as a 180% density wig. Wavymy hair 180% high density wigs offer various textures, colors and lengths for you to choose, which will give you a fuller and thicker look.

How to choose a high density wig?

Considering the experience of wearing, it's not that the higher the wig density, the better. The higher the density, the heavier the wig, the lower the comfort. You can choose a high density wig according to your natural hair density, the hair style and length you want. It’s important to note that the high density wig you choose is natural on your head.


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