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Salt And Pepper Wigs

What are salt and pepper wigs?

Salt and pepper wigs are produced to mimic natural human hair that features a blend of gray, white and black. As people get older, their natural hair gradually turns to gray and white. The salt and pepper wig is designed according to the old man’s grayish-white hair, the wig hair is predominantly gray or white and scattered with black or dark gray hair, just like the appearance of salt and pepper mixed seasoning.

The versatility of salt and pepper wigs

Daily wearing: These salt and pepper wigs are popular among people who prefer human hair colors following the natural growth rule. And some people who like to experience unique hairstyles would like to try these wigs.

Cosplay: The salt and pepper wigs will be cosplayers’ necessities to represent their favorite characters who are old or born with salt and pepper hair. These wigs will assist them to get closer to the characters as possible as they can.

Performance: Salt and pepper wigs will help actors to shape characters. The actors change their appearances to be the characters they play by wearing these wigs. through image shaping, the audience will be better brought into the characters.


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