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Does Reba McEntire Wear A Wig

Does Reba McEntire Wear A Wig
Recently, Reba McEntire hosted the 59th Academy of Country Music Awards on Thursday, May 16. As a public figure, every time she shows up has sparked a lot of hot talk. This time, one hot topic “Does Reba wear a wig?” is reignited yet again.

The topic root of “Does Reba wear a wig?”

The topic root of Does Reba wear a wig

Reba Nell McEntire, or Reba, was born on March 28, 1955, in Oklahoma, USA. She is a country music singer and actress who was dubbed “the Queen of Country” and inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame by the Country Music Association.

In her book, Not That Fancy, she described that she wore a wig for 5 months to keep her new hairstyle mystery. “My hair was so big back in those days that my fans could recognize me just from my silhouette,” she wrote. “But I didn’t just wake up like that. It took hot rollers, more hot rollers, teasing, and enough hair spray to choke a horse.” So, she cut her hair then the new hairstyle became a major component of the marketing plan for her 1996 album, What If It’s You.

She cut her hair in June, while the album would be released in November, so she had to wear a wig to hide her new look. Finally, she debuted her short hair at the Country Music Association (CMA) Awards show. The new album sales hit a new high and ultimately went double platinum.

Since she publicly admitted that she wore a wig, the topic” Does Reba wear a wig?” has come up repeatedly at every appearance.

Is Reba McEntire’s hair real?

Is Reba McEntire’s hair real

Absolutely, Reba McEntire’s hair is real. Reba McEntire was known for her long red locks which has been her signature. She was born with this kind of hair, as you can see from pictures of her as a child. From her photos and videos circulated on the internet, as well as her book, Not That Fancy, we can also easily draw this conclusion.

Did Reba wear a wig in The Voice show?

Did Reba wear a wig in The Voice show

With the hot broadcast of The Voice, the coach Reba McEntire also frequently appeared in public. As usual, anything she’d wear grabbed the audience's attention. And her hairstyles also sparked many topics, “Whether she wore a wig or not?” is one of them. This query can be definitely answered by herself and her celebrity stylist. We can only speculate from photos and videos.

What kind of wig would suit Reba?

If I have the choice to choose a wig for Reba, I want her to try other hairstyles that are very different from her old hairstyles. She has fair skin and a good figure, I think she can suit most types of wigs. Here I will recommend several wigs to her.

Wavymy Hair HD lace natural black 30 inch bussdown wig

Wavymy Hair HD lace natural black 30 inch bussdown wig

This 30 inch bussdown wig has a straight, long and flowing look and the defined middle parting. The buss down middle part gives the wig a symmetrical and minimalistic style that is quite distinct from other wigs. Under the background of black hair, the skin will be fairer, and the line of the face shape will be more obvious. This wig will accentuate delicate features and graceful neck curves.

Wavymy Hair glueless body wave reddish brown wig

Wavymy Hair glueless body wave reddish brown wig

These wigs are available from 16 inch to 28 inch, every wig length will give you a different look. The reddish brown wig has always been taken after well by women, it can not only enhance the overall fashion sense but also make the skin appear fairer. For the glueless body wave reddish brown wig, the body wave texture has beautiful lines, the reddish brown color gives soft and advanced feelings, can be installed without tape, glue or adhesive, super easy and beginner friendly.

Wavymy Hair HD lace deep wave 99j wig

Wavymy Hair HD lace deep wave 99j wig

The 99j hair color is burgundy wine red color, it’s a blend of red and purple, very glamorous. This wig color can add nobility and elegance to your overall image and make your skin brighter and shinier. The wig length ranges from 14 inch to 28 inch. The deep wave 99j wig is fluffy which can modify your face shape very well, the long hair length retro and short hair length nifty.

Wavymy Hair glueless machine made natural black body wavy bob wigs with bangs

Wavymy Hair glueless machine made natural black body wavy bob wigs with bangs

These wavy bob wigs are effortless to install and can protect your natural hair very well. The hair bang will hide your forehead hairline to achieve a more natural and realistic look. The short wavy bob hairstyle will make your face smaller and more delicate, meanwhile, it will nicely modify your neck line. The natural black hair color and the wavy texture will add a retro feeling.

So many choices! Changeable hairstyles are available in a myriad of hair colors in Wavymy Hair online stores, if you want to know more, please check our website.

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