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Is Ice Spice Hair Real Or A Wig

Is Ice Spice Hair Real Or A Wig
Isis Naija Gaston, known as Ice Spice, has made a name for herself in the music industry. The rising rap star and her unique fashion write a legend, which attracts lots of people. Her hairstyle has prompted much discussions among her fans and the public. Is Ice Spice’s hair real? Does Ice Spice wear a wig? What’s Ice Spice’s real hair like? Let’s bring them to light together.

Is Ice Spice’s signature orangey ginger hair real?

Is Ice Spice’s signature orangey ginger hair real

Ice Spice as a Dominican-American rapper, quickly became the "breakout star" and "rap's new princess" known for her relaxed and unique rapping style. " She appears frequently on social media and in public in a variety of fashion images. Ice Spice often wears her hair in a bright, orangey ginger shade, orangey copper shade. Her colorful and stylish hairstyles caught the eyes of a lot of people. As she became more and more famous, her original image gradually emerged. “Is Ice Spice hair real?” The answer to this question is also becoming obvious. Ice Spice’s hair is not real that very different from her natural hair. Her beautiful hairstyles of various shades were achieved by dyeing and styling or by wearing stylized wigs.

What is Ice Spice real hair like?

What is Ice Spice real hair like

Before she became a household pop star, Ice Spice used to keep her real hair and left a lot of relevant photos. On February 8, 2023, a photo resembling a high school yearbook picture of Ice Spice went viral. The image on the photo surprised her fans and the public as it depicted her with straight black hair, diverging from her well-known orangey ginger hair. The revelation that she was not a natural ginger came to light. Even so, Ice Spice looks lovely in the photo, with a bright smile, she’s very pretty wearing her black straight hair. From then on, the black straight hair was believed to be her real hair.
Until she gave an interview to MTV on February 16, 2023, in this interview her real hair was brought to light. She held the high school yearbook photo that was widely spread and admitted her hair was straightened when she took that photo. Actually, her real hair is always been curly since she was born. Through this interview, we get to know that Ice Spice’s real hair is black and curly.

Does Ice Spice wear a wig?

Does Ice Spice wear a wig

Ice Spice frequently wears wigs to change her image according to her overall modeling requirements. She admitted in an interview that she always wore wigs when she started posting her music on social media until she put out “No Clarity” in November 2021. She said:” I didn’t show my natural hair until I put out No Clarity in November 2021. I noticed it was doing so much better than all my previous work. I don’t think my fan base was ready for me to be in heels and a lace front. I think they like that I’m being myself.”

How to get Ice Spice’s hairstyle?

Ice Spice usually appears in public with her signature orangey ginger hair. Her ginger hair was styled to be numerous bold and unique looks by her hairstylists which lead the fashion trend and gain popularity with her fans and the public. Many of them want to try Ice Spice’s hairstyle, today we will give some suggestions to get the same hairstyle as hers.

Ice Spice long straight ginger hair

Ice Spice long straight ginger hair

Recently Ice Spice posted photos and reels on Instagram, we can see that she appeared with long straight orangey ginger hair. The long, sleek and flowing hair with particularly orangey ginger hair gives a vibrant and striking image and adds a distinctive charm to her overall look. You can just show the photos to your hairstylist to get the same hairstyle. Or if you don’t want to keep this hairstyle for a long period, you can wear a human hair long straight ginger wig instead.

Ice Spice long curly ginger hair

Ice Spice long curly ginger hair

The long ginger curly hair gives the feeling of warmth and brightness. The curly texture adds more volume to create a dynamic and eye-catching look. The ginger curly hair brightens her face and adds uniqueness and personality to her overall image. If you don’t have enough long hair for this hairstyle, you can tend to select a human hair long curly ginger wig.

Ice Spice pink flipped bob hair

Ice Spice pink flipped bob hair

Unlike the classic bob, the flipped bob has the ends of the cut flip upwards or outwards, you can go for a gentle curve or a more dramatic upward flick. This barbie-like pink hairstyle of Ice Spice has a dramatic upward flick that adds a playful twist to the bob cut. If you want to get the same hairstyle, you can purchase a pink bob wig to do the flipped bob hair by using a heat styling tool.

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