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How to Detangle a Wig

How to Detangle a Wig
How to detangle a wig? It is an inevitable problem for everyone who owns wigs. Just like natural human hair, a wig can be easily tangled during the wearing. If you don’t timely detangle the wig, it will turn into a tangled mess and you must cut off the knots to smooth the wig. Detangling is an important and indispensable procedure of wig maintenance. Here we will tell you how to detangle a wig step by step.

Tools and products to detangle a wig

Tools and products to detangle a wig

Firstly, you need to prepare all the tools and products you need to detangle a wig.
  • A wig stand, mannequin head or Styrofoam head (any of them)
  • A wide-tooth comb
  • Wig detangler spray or a spray bottle
  • Styling tools (flat iron or curling iron)
  • A towel
  • Blow dryer

Detangle a wig step by step

Detangle a wig step by step

1.Secure your wig on the wig stand

Here we recommend a wig stand that is made of cork or canvas. Secure the wig stand on a table and secure your wig on the wig stand. It will increase the difficulty if you detangle the wig on your head or a flat surface somewhere. Secure the wig on the wig stand will let your two hands free, you don’t need to hold the wig with one hand. The wig stand will make the detangling process much easier to proceed.

2.Spray the wig detangler on the hair

Spray the wig detangler onto the wig hair. The wig detangler will make the hair soft, smooth and moisturized so that the hair strands can easily slide past each other when you untangle the tangles. If you don’t have wig detangler spray at home, you can DIY with hair conditioner and water. Fill the spray bottle with 4 parts water and one part hair conditioner, screw on the nozzle then shake the bottle to mix them thoroughly.

3.Divide the wig hair into sections

Divide the wig hair into several equal sections according to the wig density and length, then secure them with clips.

4.Detangle the wig with care

Start with one section, and gently comb the very large and noticeable tangles with your fingers. Firmly hold the hair in the place just above where you are combing and comb the hair with the other hand. Use the wide-tooth comb to gently comb the wig hair the ends then work your way up to the roots.
If you encounter worse tangles that can’t be detangled by the comb, you can untangle them with your hands. Our hands can better feel and flexibly remove the tangles. It is the last resort to cut out the tangles with scissors if they are too bad to be untangled.
Once this section of hair is finished, tend to the next section until all sections are finished. What calls special attention is that you should avoid pulling or tugging on the hair, as this can lead to breakage and damage to the wig hair.

5.Wash and condition your wig

Fill the sink with lukewarm water, mix the water with shampoo, stir the mixture until rich foams form, then soak the wig in the mixture. Wait for a while, rinse the shampoo off with running water and make sure the running water is in the same direction as the hair to avoid tangles.
Apply the hair conditioner away from the hair roots on the wig hair to avoid loosening the hair knots on the wig, if your wig is a lace closure wig, lace front wig or wear and go glueless wig. Then rinse off the hair conditioner with running water.

6.Dry your wig

Gently squeeze out water, use a towel press out excess water and put the wig on the wig stand to let it air dry in the open air. If you need the wig urgently you can use a blow dryer to blow-dry it. Make sure the blow dryer keeps on the low setting.

7.Style your wig

Until your wig is totally dry, you can use a flat iron or curling iron to style your wig according to your wig texture.
Following these seven steps, you may find that it is not really difficult to detangle a wig.

How to prevent your wig from tangling

How to prevent your wig from tangling

1.Store your wigs properly

You’d better use wig stands to store your wig if conditions permit. This will let the wig avoid excessive movements and friction.

2.Don’t sleep in your wig

If you sleep in your wig, it will rub against your pillows, quilts and sheets that will create tangles. So, you can take off your wig when you sleep to avoid tangling. If you have to sleep in your wig, you’d better change satin or silk pillowcase, quilt cover and bed sheet.

3.Select high-quality human hair wigs

Compared with synthetic wigs human hair wigs are less prone to produce tangles. If you can afford human hair wigs, you’d better select them.

Wavymy Hair is a trustworthy brand that only provides high-quality 100% human hair wigs. If you are confusing where to buy your human hair wigs, you can check our online store for more details. There are various wigs to satisfy your needs, such as pink and blue wig, 99j wig, 30 inch bus down ,asymmetrical bob wig etc.

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