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How To Bleach Wig Knots Step By Step

How To Bleach Wig Knots Step By Step
Not the least of wearers’ concerns is how to make their wigs more realistic, whether for wig beginners or experienced wig wearers. The wig knots are one of the key parts that affect a lot to make a wig look more natural. With the development of wigs and the maturity of wig technology, bleached knots wigs come out in the market, and more and more wig manufacturers are launching wigs with bleaching knots. However, for those who have wigs without bleaching knots, “How to bleach wig knots? How long to bleach knots?” still troubles them. Here we will clear up your confusion.

What are wig knots?

What are wig knots

The wig knots appear as wig workers tie each hair strand onto the wig lace cap. These wig knots help to secure the hair on the wig and prevent hair from shedding out. In general, there are two types of wig knots, single knots and double knots.

Why need to bleach knots on wigs?

Why need to bleach knots on wigs

The darker the hair of the wig, the darker the wig knots and the more obvious the wig knots. When the hair of the wig is too dark, the wig knots will present as black dots densely covering the whole lace. These wig knots make your wig look fake and unnatural on your head. The color of bleaching knots is lighter to give an illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp.

Things you need to bleach knots on a wig

  • The HD lace wig you prepare to bleach
  • Good quality bleach and developer (better same brand)
  • Mixing bowl and stirring spoon (plastic or glass material)
  • Measuring cup
  • Hair coloring brush
  • Disposable gloves
  • Aluminum foil
  • Spray bottle
  • Old newspapers or disposable tablecloths

How to bleach knots on a wig?

How to bleach knots on a wig

1.Get the HD lace wig ready. Whether your HD lace wig is a lace closure wig, lace front wig, 360 lace wig or full lace wig, make sure the wig is clean.

2.Spread the old newspaper or disposable tablecloth on the table or somewhere you will work on. This will prevent the bleach from spilling or staining the table surface.

3.Wear old clothes you don’t wear anymore, and put disposable gloves on your hands. Doing so to avoid chemical injuries on your hands and prevent the bleach from dirtying your clothes.

4.Read the instructions carefully and use the measuring cup to measure the bleach and developer according to the instructions and put them in the mixing bowl. Mix and stir the bleach and the developer thoroughly until the mixture becomes even, thick and creamy. Use the spoon to scoop up some mixture to check. The mixture shouldn’t drip and run so that it won’t seep through the lace when you apply it to the wig knots.

If you want to speed up the bleaching knots process, you can choose a developer with a higher concentration, like 30 volume. The 40 volume developer is the strongest level developer which is not recommended for home use. The 30 volume developer is easier and safer than the 40 volume developer.

5.Use the hair coloring brush to apply the mixture evenly onto the lace make sure all wig knots are covered and try to avoid applying it to the hair roots of the HD lace wig. The applying movement should be gentle to prevent the bleach from seeping through the lace. Once you finish applying all wig knots, gently cover the lace part with the aluminum foil, also be careful not to press the aluminum foil so that the bleach will not seep through the lace.

6.Wait for a while according to the instructions, in general, 20 to 30 minutes. During this time, you can check every 10 minutes, carefully flip the HD lace wig over and see if the wig knots are getting lighter. When the wig knots have turned honey blonde, that means you have your bleached knots wig done.

7. Hold the lace part inside out towards the running water, rinse your bleached knots wig with cool water, so the wig hair doesn’t get splashed with the bleach. Use the specialized shampoo for bleached hair to wash out the bleach residue. If you are afraid that the residual bleach continues to lighten wig knots, you can shampoo the bleached knots wig one more time. Apply hair conditioner to the wig hair, wait for several minutes until the hair gets fully moisturized then rinse it off.

8.Squeeze the excess water with a towel and air dry the bleached knots wig. Until the wig is totally dry, gently comb the wig.

Above are all the steps to bleach wig knots, hope will do some help during your bleach process. If you don’t want to spend time and energy to bleach wig knots, you can purchase a bleached knots wig directly. Our Wavymy Hair provides various bleached knots wigs, such as glueless colorful wigs, m cap wigs, wear and go wigs etc.

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