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How To Pluck A Wig

How To Pluck A Wig
To a large number of people who are keen on wigs, always center on how to make your wigs look more natural and real. It is of great significance to pluck the wig to keep the wig close to your natural hair. It takes practice to pluck a wig, everyone can do it. If you are in any doubt as to how to pluck a wig, you can refer to this article.

Why should you pluck your wig?

Why should you pluck your wig

In order to make the wig more natural and real, more and more wig factories start to launch pre plucked wigs to satisfy customers’ needs. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of wigs that don’t come with pre plucked natural hairline. When you get these wigs, you need to pluck your wigs to get a realistic look. If you don’t satisfy your pre plucked wigs, you can also pluck them to achieve your ideal look. By plucking your wigs you can get the same appearance of your natural hairline.

Step-by-step guide to plucking a wig

Step-by-step guide to plucking a wig

1.Prepare the tools.
A wig (What we have here is a lace front wig, straight human hair wig), a wig stand, T-pins, a rattail comb, tweezers, clips, a spray bottle
2.Decide your ideal appearance before you start plucking.
It’s important to note that the plucking is an irreversible process, so you must decide what ideal hairline you want in advance. According to your ideal appearance of hairline, you can decide how much hair to pluck, and avoid plucking too much to ruin it. The simplest way is to take a photo of your own natural hairline to refer to. If you are not fond of your hairline, you can take a look at other’s hairline to seek your ideal hairline. For example, your favorite superstar whose hairline is beautiful, can take for reference to get the same hairline.
3.Secure your wig on the wig stand.
First, secure the wig stand on the table or somewhere convenient to you in your workplace, then secure the wig on the wig stand by using T-pins, to keep the wig from moving. This process will make it easier to pluck your wig.
4. Detangle the wig.
To make sure the plucking process goes smoothly, you need to detangle your wig. Gently comb the hair from the hair ends along to the hair roots to remove all tangles. Use the rattail comb to section off the entire forehead hairline you want to pluck, pull the rest hair back away from the hairline and secure it with clips or tie a ponytail.
5.Pluck the wig.

Step1.Divide your hair into several thin layers along the entire hairline of the wig forehead and secure each layer with clips. If you want to achieve a more natural look, you can section the forehead hairline into more layers according to the wig density and the final appearance you want to get.

Step2.It is easier to pluck the wig when it is wet. You can wet your wig with the spray bottle, the wet hair makes the hairline clearer and easier to section hair into layers. While dry hair shows the more realistic wig density of the forehead hairline. Choose one way which is more convenient to you.

Step3.Grab your tweezers with your dominant hand, and hold the wig with the other hand. Start with the outermost layer of hair, unclip and begin pluck from the area above the ear and work your way up to the middle of the wig. Clip the hair you want to remove, and swiftly pluck the hair off the wig. An important thing to note is that you should keep a consistent and swift hand. Don’t pluck the same area too much, always keep moving to avoid causing bald spots.

Step4.Then repeat the same process to other layers from the outside to the inside. What calls special attention is that the density of the wig forehead hairline increases gradually from the outside to the inside. During the plucking, you should step back every now and then to have a look to adjust your plucking and avoid over-plucking. This will help you to create a more natural and gradual transition and you will get a wig extremely similar to the human natural hairline.

Step5.Once you finish the plucking, unclip the wig, and comb the wig to remove all excess hair. If you have special needs for particular occasions you can have your wig styled or trimmed.

Everyone can pluck a wig, just need more practice and patience. During the plucking process, you should pay close attention to the density change, and immediately adjust the plucking as needed to avoid over-plucking because you can’t fix it. If you don’t want to spend time in plucking a wig, you can select a pre-plucked wig, here we will recommend Wavymy Hair wear and go glueless wigs. Wavymy Hair m cap wig is 100% glueless human wig, which comes with 9×6 pre cut HD lace, pre bleached knots, pre plucked natural hairline etc.

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