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How To Make A Wig Look Natural

How To Make A Wig Look Natural
With the gradual progress of wig production technology, wigs now have been vastly different from wigs in the past, more comfortable, natural, beautiful etc. But for people who wear wigs, how to make a wig look natural is the most concerning problem. It will bring you into an embarrassing situation when someone finds out you are wearing a wig. Here we will figure out how to make a wig look natural to get you out of embarrassment.

Tips to make a wig look natural

1. Measure your head to get a suitable wig

Measure your head to get a suitable wig

An important thing to know is that you should measure your head to get a natural wig. Here are some measurements you should take:
The circumference of your head.
The distance from the center of the forehead hairline to the center of the nape hairline across the head top.
The distance from the left ear to the right ear across the forehead along the hairline.
The distance from left ear to right ear across the head top.
The distance from temple to temple across the back of the head.
The width of the hairline across the nape of the neck.
2. Select a 100% natural hair wig

Select a 100% natural hair wig

The 100% human hair wig is the best option to give you a more natural look. Compared with the synthetic hair wig, the human hair wig is able to present the texture and shine of real human hair. No matter what kind of upgraded material the synthetic hair uses, it only approaches human hair and not be as natural as human hair.
3. Choose an HD lace wig

HD lace is more breathable, comfortable, light, soft, and undetectable than normal lace. It is easier for an HD lace wig to melt to all skin tones, and achieve perfect patch feeling.

4. Wear a wig cap to conceal your natural hair
Select a wig cap that matches your skin color and your head size. Flatten your natural hair underneath the wig cap by braiding or applying gel. The wig cap will prevent your natural hair from getting through the wig liner to make your wig a natural looking wig.
5. Bleach the wig knots

Bleach the wig knots

In order to make your wig hair just like growing out from your scalp, it is necessary to get wig knots bleached if your wig doesn’t come with bleached knots. The unbleached knots will appear as small dots at the lace that make the wig look fake. If you don’t know how to bleach knots you can follow the video tutorial or just choose a pre bleached wig.

6. Pluck the hairline
The general wig possesses a hairline that goes straight across with unnatural density. Plucking the hairline is an essential way to make the wig close to the human natural hairline. You can read our How To Pluck A Wig for further information. It is easiest that you can buy a pre plucked wigs.
7. Cut the lace along your natural forehead hairline
The final look will be unnatural if you cut the lace straight along your forehead. Wear the wig on the head, line it up with your natural hairline, position it in the front of the hairline, check in the mirror to make sure it looks natural, trace your forehead hairline on the lace then cut the lace along your tracing.
8. Apply glue to melt the lace to your forehead
You can apply the glue before the forehead hairline, let it dry to be sticky and tacky then press down the lace to melt it to your forehead. You can apply more layers of glue to make a stable installation.
9. Choose wear and go glueless wigs

Choose wear and go glueless wigs

For wig beginners, it is the best option to choose wear and go glueless wigs. The wear and go glueless wigs come with pre bleached invisible knots, pre plucked natural hairline, pre cut lace etc. Everything prepared, you can effortlessly install with 0 skill and without dealing with glue mess.
Choose Wavymy Hair wear and go glueless wigs, there are numerous wigs to meet your various needs, such as the natural m cap wig, natural curly wig, natural afro wig, natural blonde wig, natural wave wig etc.
10. Blend with makeup
If you think the lace is still not invisible enough, you can conceal the lace by applying the powder foundation or concealer. In order to make it look like your skin you must make sure that the color of the makeup matches your skin tone.
11. Add some baby hair or a hair bang

Add some baby hair or a hair bang

You can trim the forehead hairline of the wig to add some baby hair or a hair bang. The baby hair or hair bang will cover the front lace of the wig to make the wig more natural.

Anyway, there are a lot of ways to make a wig look natural, you can try any steps above to get your natural looking wig.

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