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How To Wear A Wig

How To Wear A Wig
Nowadays more and more people prefer to change hair styles by wearing wigs. Compared with going to a salon to change hair styles, wearing wigs costs less money and saves time. If you want to have a try at wearing a wig and you are a beginner to wigs who are not clear about how to wear a wig, here we will offer you a detailed guide to show you how to wear a wig step by step.

How To Install A Lace Front Wig

How To Install A Lace Front Wig
1.Prepare tools. Prepare a wig cap that matches your skin tone and your head size. a wig cap will keep your wig clean and protect your natural hair and scalp. There are a lot of wig caps on the market, nylon, mesh, cotton, spandex wig caps etc. Just purchasing one online is fine. If you have no idea about which wig cap to choose, a transparent wig cap is a wonderful option. Prepare a wide-tooth comb, gel, hair spray, wig glue etc.

2.Prepare your natural hair. You can braid your natural hair, wrap the braids around your head and make it as flat as possible underneath the wig cap if you have very long hair. For assistance, you can use gel, mousse or just water during the process. Otherwise you have short hair, this step is much easier. Brush your hair back away from your face by using hairspray or clips.

3.Secure the wig cap on your head. Put the wig cap on your head and make sure the cap is the proper size that matches your head. The proper wig cap will wrap your natural hair tightly and make it comfortable on your head. Just wrap your natural hair in the wig cap without letting any strands of hair out of the cap. Make sure your natural hair is hidden under the wig cap and is invisible after wearing your wig. The front of the cap needs to align with your forehead hairline and ensure the edges of the wig cap are tucked behind your ears.

4.Put on the wig. Secure the front of the wig on your forehead, pull the wig over your head and flip the hair back. Then align the ear points to position the wig until the wig is centered on your head. Hold the top of the wig with one hand firmly and pull the back of the wig down to the nape of your neck with the other hand. Adjust the edge of the wig to align with your natural hairline. Adjusting the adjustable elastic band, clips or combs inside the wig dome cap to make sure it comfortably secures on your head in the proper place.

5.Secure the wig with glue or adhesive. Cut three equal sections onto the frontal HD lace of your wig, pull the lace back and apply the glue or adhesive in front of your hairline. Smooth the glue or adhesive out evenly and wait for several seconds to allow it to dry enough to place the middle section onto the glue. Or you can use a hair dryer to blow dry the glue or adhesive with cool air. Repeat the same process for the other two sections of the frontal lace. At last, trim the excess lace as close to whatever parts that didn't apply glue or adhesive and glue down any pieces that didn't get glued down the first time. Clean up any excess glue or adhesive with alcohol and glue cleaner.
It is of great importance that don't put glue or adhesive directly on your hairline, you need always apply the glue or adhesive to the place in front of your hairline. It will increase the risk of hair loss if you put glue or adhesive on your hairline even if the ingredient in it is not harmful to hair and you have pretty good technique.

6.Dress your wig up. Comb the wig with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers if the wig has curly texture. You can restyle the hair by heat styling as you like. If you wear makeup, you can also apply foundation on the lace part of the wig to make it perfectly melt with your skin. Also, you can wear accessories on the wig such as head band if you still feel that the lace of the wig is visible.

How To Install A Glueless Wig

How To Install A Glueless Wig
Compared with traditional wigs, wearing glueless wigs are super easy, just a few seconds we can put on the wig and go out. Prepare your natural hair as the steps before, then secure the wig by adjusting the adjustable elastic band, clips or combs inside the 3D dome cap. Make sure your wig is in the proper place and it is comfortable on your head. The design of the glueless wig provides more convenience to the wearer. The pre-cut lace wig makes it get rid of using glue or adhesive.
Anyway, don't be anxious about how to wear a wig anymore. Just follow the steps and practice more, you can make it easy to wear a wig.

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