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How To Wash A Wig

How To Wash A Wig
You may be wondering whether the wig can be washed and how to wash it If you are a beginner to wigs. Absolutely, you can wash your wigs and it is necessary for you to wash your wigs regularly. Cleaning wigs is an important step of wigs care to make your wigs last longer. Whether the wig is made of human hair or synthetic hair, it needs to be washed.

How Often Do You Wash Your Wigs?

How Often Do You Wash Your Wigs

How often you wash your wigs it depends on how often you wear your wigs. if you wear a wig every day, you’d better wash it once a week. if you only wear a wig on particular occasions or don’t wear it frequently, we recommend washing it every six to eight wears. Even though human hair wigs can last longer than synthetic hair wigs, we can’t wash human hair wigs as frequently as our own natural hair. The excessive cleaning will cause damage to the wig, resulting in hair breakage, hair shedding and reduction of the lifespan of the wig. If you pay more attention to the washing frequency of wigs, a human hair wig will last more than one year. It will save a lot of money for you.

How To Wash Your Wigs?

How To Wash Your Wigs

Just the same as your usual hair wash, when you wash a wig need shampoo, conditioner, comb, towel, etc. For synthetic hair wigs, it is recommended that you use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for them. The chemical component of the common shampoo and conditioner will damage synthetic hair wigs and shorten their lifespan. For human hair wigs, you can wash them just like your own hair as usual.

Steps to wash a wig

1.Before you wash your wig a wide-tooth comb is needed to smooth the hair if your wigs are wave texture. If your wig is straight hair, it’s better to use a comb with dense teeth or a wire wig brush. Starting with the ends of the hair, gently comb the hair and work your way up to the roots. You will finish it until there are no knots and you can comb the wig easily from the root to the end. It is important to notice that you can’t comb the wig from the root to the end when the wig has matted hair or knots. Such action will pull down the strand of hair from the root or break the hair.
2.The warm water about 30 to 40 degrees is ideal for the human hair wig to rinse the wig from the root to the end. If your wig is a synthetic hair wig cool water is ok. Rub the shampoo with both hands to create bubbles and coat each strand of hair with them. Avoid applying shampoo directly to the wig. Or you can mix the shampoo in the water and soak the wig in the water. Soaking the wig for about 5 minutes if your wig is too dirty, you can extend the soaking time if your wig is too dirty. For the hair cap, you can use a small brush like a toothbrush to assist in cleaning it. If your wig is a lace front wig, you must be gentle and careful as possible as you can to wash it.
3.Rinse the wig with water until the shampoo residue is completely removed. Using running water will make it easier to clean up the shampoo and prevent wigs from tangling.
4.To Smea conditioner to the wig evenly and comb the hair with your fingers. You should notice that when you apply conditioner to the wig you need to avoid applying it on the root. After a few minutes, rinse the wig until the conditioner is cleaned up.
5.Gently squeeze the water out and blot out the excess water with a towel. Do not wring or twist the wig.
6.Place the wig on a wig stand then put the wig in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight and air dry it naturally. If you are in urgent need of wearing the wig immediately, you can use a hair dryer, but make sure it is smart and thermostatic. The temperature of the hair dryer can’t be too high which will damage the texture and make the wig too dry. Only when the wig is completely dry, you can detangle the hair with a hair brush, wide-tooth comb or fingers according to the hair texture.
if you follow the steps above to wash a wig, your wig will keep in good condition and extend your use time. In order to make the wig last longer, you need to pay more attention to how to wash and take care of it. Meanwhile, you need to take care of your own natural hair if you usually wear wigs.

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